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Art & Politics

February 2013

  • Show Reception:
    February 21, 2013
  • Curator:
    Gabriela Rivadeneira

“The spark that sets the prairie on fire” proposes a comparison between art and politics, their symbolic universes, their mutual transformations, influences and reconfigurations, through a collective reflection in the center of a community of both artists and researchers who have developed their thoughts within key questions about contemporary aesthetics and its interlace with politics, placing art as a way of thinking the world and as a means of being in it. The project is an invitation to reflect upon notions of politics from within the aesthetic field. The concept of politics is understood in this project quoting philosopher Jacques Rancière, who sees politics as a relationship, an in-between space or an ‘interval,’ and like the creation of a common space of relationship between subjects of a community whose practices are guided by the presumption of equality. In this context politics is the encounter of heterogeneous processes in a common space that is built and modified in relation to others, in which what counts are the practical processes of thought, the processes of subjectivation and the implementation of equality. -Gabriela Rivadeneira, Director of Exhibit

Flickr Images of Opening Night

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