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The Art of Ngatu by Robin White and Ruha Fifita: Tradition, Innovation and Community in Polynesia

  • Show Dates
    : April 17 - May 1, 2017
  • Show Reception
    : April 17, 2017 6 pm

This exhibition features collaboratively made ngatu (bark cloth) from Tonga by artist Robin White and Ruha Fifta. The exhibition is co-sponsored by Art History and Visual Culture and Mulberry Mix Gallery.

Students Participating:

Choi, Edric
Keiper, Christian
Kerr, Nick
Kosior, Catherine
Martin, Grace
McCarthy, Lelah
Moore, Will
Morrison, Michaela
Ness, Madeline
Protzman, Thomas
Reddy, Kloby
Schulz, Erica
Starr, Monica
Waters, Bitsy
Donnelly, Wyatt
Gamble, Emma
Higginbottom, Sophia
Pivec, Bella
Streett, Jim
Tull, Jane
Anderson, Noah
Armstrong, Maggie

Flickr Images of Opening Reception
Photo Credits: Ali Rose

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