Artifacts and Antiquities: Objects of Unknown Origins

The Department of Cinema presents a student-curated exhibition of extraordinary relics on loan from Kingsport College’s R.W. Chambers Special Collection of Rare Texts, Artifacts, and Antiquities.

Experimental Animation

Join the Experimental Animation class for the final exhibition of all of the projects from this semester in animation. Come for a celebration before finals week with some incredible art, yummy food, and friends! The class has worked hard learning stop motion, photoshop and cutout animation techniques and has created some truly innovative and interesting pieces of art. Flickr Images of Opening Reception Photo Credits: Ali Rose

A House is Not a Home

Junior Studio Art Major Arin Caveney 19’ presents a series of sculptures that explore themes of depression and the dual realities that accompany having mental illness. By using found objects and wax, she warps everyday materials into abstracted sculptures to show competing narratives, between what we know these objects to be and how they are actually manifesting before us. Caveney’s pieces aim to create a sense of familiarity with the everyday objects, while also creating

Beyond Four Walls

April 2015

The title for Beyond Four Walls comes from a statement made by J.R.R. Tolkien regarding fairy stories. His claim: “Why should a man be scorned, if, finding himself in prison, he tries to get out and go home? The world outside has not become less real because the prisoner cannot see it. In using Escape in this way the critics have chosen the wrong word, and, what is more, they are confusing, not always by


December 2015

Fortification: Drawing as Fortress.  Installation drawing project It was my privilege to curate the MIX Gallery exhibition “Fortification” – the showcase of Denison University experimental student drawing projects led by Professor Melissa Vogley-Woods. This exhibition challenges the view that a “drawing” is simply pencil on paper. Through a diverse use of media, these artworks demonstrate that a “drawing” could be any number of responses, including cutting, painting, sculpting as well as traditional pen/pencil on paper. These


2015November 2015

“Hoist” is an expanded cinema installation and part of Liz Roberts’ “Transportation” body of moving image work. Movies are a form of transportation, and within them, modes of transport such as cars and elevators are often used to move narrative forward. Cinema requires a willing suspension of disbelief; so does stepping into a box suspended from a cable that will hoist you into the air. In this installation, the viewer stands between two large screens

Homes I’ve Lived In

September 2015

I spent this summer continuing to ask a question that I have been asking for an amount of time: What is a home? Specifically, I wanted to tell the story of what I think a home might be, based off of my experience of it. As part of the Summer Scholar Program at Denison University, I investigated the homes I have lived in the United States, and the memories that are bound to these physical

Hopes :Fears: 2017

Digital Fabrication & Design A Student Art Show Bryan Tran  Shun Kato George Tanious Brandon Mendoza Federico Read Grullon Maryjoyce Gewalt Aidan Maher Ethan Ling Caileigh Marshall Peter Cruickshank Abby Bannar Victor Lowe Steven Duvall Zach Dobbins Casen Sullivan Arnav Somani

Interference: Art + Code

May 2015

2015 Art + Code Exhibit Flickr Images of Opening Night

Interviews: A Camera Obscura Installation


Sandra Gibson and Luis Recoder have emerged as two of the most innovative and inventive practitioners of film-based media of their generation. Separately and in collaboration, Gibson and Recoder have built a rich oeuvre of experimental projection works which stretch the boundaries of “film” to create minimal, yet inviting and immersive experience.   Flickr Images from Gallery Photo Credits: Gina Marie Ezzone

It took way longer than I thought…

Work from the past semester created in Fiber Arts taught by Micaela Vivero. Melanie Amo Ella Asnin Allison Friedman Lynnsie Jin Edith Keme Audrey Metzger Lea Morris Emma Olsen Liza Plakeseychuk Mallory Tannous Becca Trask Gloria Velasco Emily Voutes Emily Walsh Drew Wentzel

Ladislav Sutnar – Europe – Culture

This international traveling exhibit opens a debate on the role of culture in the context of relationships, understanding, and tolerance in the European Union.

Of Paper and Porcelain

Flickr images of opening night Photo credits: Ali Rose

Out of the Cabinet

New Photography by Studio Art/Biology Double Major Ivy Distler ’18 Working with Advisor Sheilah Wilson on 10 week Summer Scholars Project focusing on relationships between Art & Science   Flickr Images of Opening Night Photo Credits: Ali Rose

Precarious Living

November-December 2014

In China, progress is often synonymous with a particular vision of urban development. An evidence of this is the prevalence of urban billboards and hoardings that promise an utopian future with spectacular skyscrapers and happy citizens. Yet, this desire of having a harmonic and dreamlike future collides constantly with the harsh reality of the dystopian present. In this project, Tong Lam captures the surreal and yet actual living conditions of an urban village that is

Redefining the Space

Students in the Installation/Site-specific Art class have been creating artwork in response to the Union Block in Newark, Ohio. The results of this semester-long process has only been accessible to the students in the class and the construction crew working in the renovation of the space. Through photographs we want to share our experiences with a larger audience.   Featured Artists: Allie Bacon Ariel Baez Gabrielle Brant Matt Dumon Grace Heutel Jenny Kim Nancy Martinez


Senior Studio Art Minor Show   Flickr Images of Opening Night Photo Credits: Ali Rose

Sprezzatura: The Minor Show

April 2015

Denison University’s Studio Art Minors show Spring, 2015 work. Featuring: Emily Bessell Cameron Bosnik Abigail Kaplan Rebecca Plank Emma Reasoner Cheyenne Tang Flickr Images of Opening Night


March 2015

simbīˈōsəs,ˌsimbēˈōsəs/ noun BIOLOGY noun: symbiosis interaction between two different organisms living in close physical association, typically to the advantage of both.   Curator’s Statement With much appreciation to Professor of Music Ching-chu Hu’s visionary approach to organizing this year’s TUTTI Festival, this exhibition demonstrates the potential of Studio Art practice in the fertile Liberal Arts community at Denison.  Working as the Denison Print Collective, my Advanced and Intermediate Printmaking students have used both their conceptual and technical

The Art of Ngatu by Robin White and Ruha Fifita: Tradition, Innovation and Community in Polynesia

This exhibition features collaboratively made ngatu (bark cloth) from Tonga by artist Robin White and Ruha Fifta. The exhibition is co-sponsored by Art History and Visual Culture and Mulberry Mix Gallery. Students Participating: Choi, Edric Keiper, Christian Kerr, Nick Kosior, Catherine Martin, Grace McCarthy, Lelah Moore, Will Morrison, Michaela Ness, Madeline Protzman, Thomas Reddy, Kloby Schulz, Erica Starr, Monica Waters, Bitsy Donnelly, Wyatt Gamble, Emma Higginbottom, Sophia Pivec, Bella Streett, Jim Tull, Jane Anderson, Noah Armstrong,


Featured Artists: Anissa Gamboa Honore Lachenauer Audrey Metzger Keirsten Lee Liz Rosenkranz Flickr Images of Opening Reception Photo Credits: Ali Rose

Workshop: Artists Working

January 2015

As part of the Senior Arts Practicum, students worked with visiting artist Iñigo Cabo, who created work inspired by Cabo’s art. Installations included projected videos, photographs, 3-D objects, as well as performance art. See additional art and documentation of this collaboration, visit Iñigo Cabo is an artist, theorist and independent curator, and has exhibited in international art museums, art centers and galleries in Spain, France, Germany and Italy. He has participated in the XV Biennale


May 2014

"Torn" was a solo exhibit featuring works by BFA senior Haley Bower.

The Undivided Mind

April 2014

“The Undivided Mind” was a BFA thesis art exhibition by senior Hayley Anderson.  Artist website:   “My art is informed by scientific research pertaining to the human existence, the brain, and the philosophical nature of human beings. It seeks to consider, magnify, and distort the understanding of what it means to be human. I create art in order to dissect scientific theories and facts about the human existence, which, when broken down on a

Likeness: Portraits by Four Contemporary Artists

March - April 2014

Curated by Ron Abram, “Likeness” was an exhibition featuring portraits by Christian Faur, Susan Moore, Karen Schmidt, and Jim Winters. My grandfather was born in Puerto Rico in 1902. I was always struck as a kid that anytime anyone ever took his photograph, Papa would say “Thank You.” Growing up in the age that he did, photography was still very special and he saw it as an honor that someone would want to have his likeness for themselves. In the


December 2013

Equivalence featured the works of Sheilah Wilson's Introduction to photography class.


April 2013

An exhibit featuring work created by students in "Art & Code" and "Introduction to Video Art."

Soft Lines & Hard Spaces

April 20I3

Soft Lines & Hard Spaces was a BFA solo exhibition featuring Denison University senior Elizabeth Shoby.

Precious Fragments: Theories of Memory

March 20I3

Precious Fragments: Theories of Memory was a BFA Senior solo exhibit by Alex Manges.   Flickr Images of Opening Night

Studio Art Minor Senior Show

March 2013

This exhibit featured work by senior Studio Art minors at Denison University.

Art & Politics

February 2013

“The spark that sets the prairie on fire” proposes a comparison between art and politics, their symbolic universes, their mutual transformations, influences and reconfigurations, through a collective reflection in the center of a community of both artists and researchers who have developed their thoughts within key questions about contemporary aesthetics and its interlace with politics, placing art as a way of thinking the world and as a means of being in it. The project is

Linear Transmission

January 2013

Linear Transmission features newly commissioned interactive and programming based installations by Christian Faur, Aaron Fuleki, Nathaniel Hartman, and John Osburn.

Video Art From Colombia

March 2012

Co-Sponsored by the Vail Artist Series, Studio Art Department, Mulberry Gallery, Latin American and Caribbean Studies Concentration and Spectrum Series, Video Art From Colombia featured a gallery opening and curator talk on Colombian works.


October 2011

“Don’t put anything off – especially travel.” – Donald Winters “This series of prints entitled Travelogue, serves as documentation of places I have visited. Each image sparks a specific sensory memory – the  time of day, the season, a remembrance of who I was with, where I had come from and where I was going in that particular instance. Often, times of travel are heightened experiences – more conducive to exploring the present moment than in everyday


May 2011

"Pandora" was a student exhibition presenting the work of the Introduction to Photography, Fabrication, and Digital Foundations class.

Graphics Interchange Format

February 2011

“Since the early days of the web, users have been posting animated GIFs. Once synonymous with shoveling construction workers on parked domains, these moving images now more commonly find their way to Tumblr blogs. Now GIFs are more frequently appropriated images than hand drawn, but like their predecessors, are still frequently annoying. They attract attention. They flicker and undulate. They stutter. “Graphics Interchange Format” (GIF unabbreviated) surveys a small subsection of fine art workers within

Writing Against War

March - April 2010

This interdisciplinary, multi-media exhibition, with texts and video material both in English and German, on Austrian writer Ingeborg Bachmann’s work created by well-known Bachmann scholar Hans Hoeller is entitled “Schreiben gegen den Krieg” – “Writing against War.” The website provides a detailed description of the project. The exhibition has already been successfully shown in different countries across Europe. A related symposium took place at 2 p.m. on Wednesday, April 7, at the Mulberry House. Research essays

Technology & Community

August - September 2010

“Technology & Community” was an exhibit that featured work by the Denison University class of 2014.  Each year Denison features a campus-wide intellectual theme around which we organize speakers, performances, exhibits, reading groups and other inquiries of the mind and body; the annual them also serves as an identity for the new first-year class who interacts with the theme inside and outside of the classroom. This year’s theme, “Technology and Community,” explores the ways in


December 2009

Idiosyncrasies featured collective work from all the students of the Digital Foundations class. Works in the exhibit were shown in printed, digital video and audio digital formats.


August - September 2009

“Consumption” was a 2009 exhibit by students of Denison’s class of 2013. “Our campus-wide theme in 2009-2010 engages the issue of human consumption at both the broadest and most particular levels, including subjects such as food, production, media, natural resources, health and health care, education and distribution of resources. A project such as this is successful because so many artists, writers and contributors willingly step forward to share their talents, visions, and inspirations.” – Dr.

Under One Roof

April 2008

"Under One Roof" featured student work from the Studio Art Foundation, Animation, and Electronic Music course.


March 2007

Rupture was an ongoing group performance installation by Jill Sigman and Thinkdance.