The MIX Gallery is dedicated to expanding and cultivating discourse encompassing contemporary art within the community. The gallery fulfills the need for an intimate space which can accommodate group exhibits, student exhibits, performance art and contemporary art for both established and emerging artists.

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Christian Faur
Director of Collaborative Technologies

The position of “Director of Collaborative Technologies” was established to provide dedicated support to the fine arts academic disciplines, with a focus of assisting in the development of the curriculum that is centered around technology. The Director is also responsible for the day-to-day support for the technology-enhanced spaces used by the Fine Arts disciplines such as the MIX Gallery, the Knapp Performance Space, the Mulberry MIX Lab (a state-of-the-art computer laboratory equipped with media software and computer peripherals designed for the arts), and its five departmental satellite labs.

In addition, the Director teaches one course per semester in collaborative arts technology as well as technical and collaborative workshops for both faculty and students.

Alixandra Rose

Gallery Coordinator


Alixandra began her work as Gallery Coordinator in September of 2015. She is currently a junior at Denison University and is majoring in Studio Art. Her experiences traveling around the world have informed her as an artist and student, giving her a unique, multicultural perspective. As the Gallery Coordinator, Alixandra is responsible for coordinating exhibits in the MIX Gallery. She is the go-to person for anyone wishing to show work in the gallery, and her familiarity with the space enables her to be very helpful in fulfilling the artistic vision of that work.